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Good Vibes Fitness | About Me

About Me

My name is Adriana Gentile, my birthday is January 26th 1991, and I was born in Richmond BC, Canada. I had always been active and played sports all throughout my childhood; horse-back-riding, cheerleading, basketball, track and field. My journey into fitness started at a young age and I have my son to thank for that. I got pregnant and took responsibility for my actions at the young age of 19. I’m 5’6” and having been always active and at a weight around 112-115 lbs, becoming pregnant and the changes that came with it was very foreign to me (but I suppose that’s the same for every first time mom). At the time, I was very uneducated in fitness, nutrition, even moisturizing! So when the scale started tipping over the 185 lb mark.. I stopped checking. I was so depressed about my appearance (which was selfish because I was growing a life inside of me! – note the immaturity at this age) that I didn’t take any photos or any type of anything that would remind me of being pregnant. I also had external sources call me hurtful names such as “fat” that was said to be a joke but in the inside, I was hurting. I got tested for gestational diabetes but thankfully, I did not have it; and to top it off, my sons father required him going in and out of town so I felt very alone. My son, Mason-James, was born on April 19 2011 (a few months after my 20th birthday) by cesarean section.

I remember the turning point for me towards my depression was. My son was just over a month old and I got out of the shower and I looked into the mirror, and just cried. I hadn’t been able to exercise for the past 4 weeks because of my body needing to heal itself from the c-section, so once I was given the “okay”, I hit it hard. I used to live in the mountains and it would take me 2 hours to run around the block. I was alone in the mountains and all I was able to do was go for this walk/run which meant me going X2/day to keep busy. For 2 months (8 weeks) I was running for 4 hours a day while pushing my son in his buggy. Yes, I lost all the baby weight but I actually looked very frail and unhealthy because I had never lifted a weight; dropping to an insanely unhealthy weight for my height of 103 lbs. I then abruptly moved to Montreal with my son and his father. Montreal is where I hired my first trainer (I had 2 in total during my 2 year stay there) and THAT’S when I discovered my passion. Once my trainer introduced me to weights, I entered a whole new world that I had no idea existed!

Weight lifting did more for me than just provide me with a physical outlet; it changed my mind and the way that I thought. I had always believed in the power of positive vibrations and good karma but when you start a fitness journey, you train your brain to work FOR you. You can achieve anything that your mind can conceive because you are the only one who sets limitations for yourself. What you seek is already within you; you just have to realize it.

I’m an all or nothing person so when I discovered weight lifting, I went from a 4 hour per day cardio bunny to an every day gym goer. My sons dad and I split up so I moved back to Richmond and was still continuing to exercise every day. Then, one day, a friend of mine had said “your already in the gym everyday anyways… why don’t you become a personal trainer? AHHH HA!!! What a miraculous and obvious decision!!! If I’ve found sanctuary within fitness, then why not help others achieve the best versions of themselves also?! So, that’s exactly what I did. I registered for a full-time personal training program and graduated with an ACE (American Counsel On Exercise) certification. I also continued my education by achieving my certification in TRX Suspension training, pre and post natal fitness, and as well as my diploma for Principals of Sports Nutrition. I was hired at a large commercial gym for 2 years that aided in my knowledge and experience in the field and there is where I met one of my good friends; who introduced and believed in me in the world of body building competitions.

I hired a posing coach who later turned into my full fledged fitness family and started prepping for my first show in September 2014. My first show was Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2014 where I placed first. Then into an immediate prep for BC Provincials where I also placed first. Two back to back shows had me hungry for more so I decided to gun for Nationals. Nationals 2015 had me placed at fifth, which is amazing for someone who just started competing and do three shows back to back to back. During this time, I had obtained sponsorships from GAT Supplements and My Fitness Meals. That year, I had the opportunity to be with my GAT family at Olympia, win a fitness model search in Vancouver which then flew me to Toronto for the finals where I placed second. Finally, to end the year off right, I entered my first off season and was accepted to compete at the Arnold Amateur Classic 2015 in Ohio. I won first place at the Arnold Classic in 2016 and since then, have continued on to compete at another Canadian Nationals and two IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) competitions!

My life has been a roller coaster of crazy but I always remember that any experience that I have, is perfect for my growth. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t see it at the time. Be confident in yourself and your own fight. Don’t look at other people or competitors and start tearing yourself apart because it’s easy to forget what you had to do to become who you are; nor do you know what the other person has gone through to get where they are. If you don’t share your joy with others then you can become selfish, judgemental, and in the end, have your own self-esteem issues that were the original reason as to why you even started your journey!! If we support one another and truly empower the people around us, then we are doing our part to better the world and spread our positive energy to those in need.

I honour my intuition and I respect my path

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