The GREAT Importance Of Sleep

Sleeping is so crucial for EVERYONE, never mind someone who is trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly. When you sleep, your body is repairing itself (mentally and physically), resetting it’s internal clock, and keeps your insulin (fat storage hormone) ‘in check’. Wether your goal is to decrease body fat or grow lean muscle, you need to sleep. It is recommended that you sleep for a minimum of 7 hours per night to safely go in and out of your REM cycle and in return, have a healthier functioning body and mind.

Not sleeping enough (less than 7 hours per night), can REDUCE the benefits of nutrition and exercise, according to research published in Annals of Internal Medicine. They did a study where the variable in the dieters were kept equal, were put on different sleep schedules. The people who received an adequate amount of sleep lost DOUBLE the amount of fat compared to the individuals that were deprived. The people who did not get enough sleep also felt significantly hungrier during the day, were less satisfied after meals, and lacked energy through out the day and as well as less energy to exercise.

If you have troubles sleeping, try to limit your caffeine intake during the day, leave at least 3 hours in between workouts and bed time, use the natural sleep aid called Melatonin, or even try listening to healing sound waves (528 hz and 432 hz) as you try to fall asleep.

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