Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are an essential component of your diet because they withhold many health benefits such as help with weight & cholesterol management, improving your metabolism, balancing out your hormones, curb cravings & keeps you feeling ‘full’, protects the heart, aids in cognitive function, and supports overall health, to name a few.

The only time thats Fats should not be consumed is post workout; because fat is slow digesting and after you finish a workout, you want your body to have foods that can digest quickly and aid your body in recovery.

Like all of your food (macros), you just need to be mindful of your portioning. For our sake of making things easy and attainable, we’re going to split the ‘fats’ category into ‘good’ & ‘bad’:


  • ‘GOOD’ Saturated/unsaturated that are unrefined, found in:

    • protein (ex. chicken, beef, turkey)

    • fish

    • avocado

    • cheese

    • olives (very good for omega 9!)

    • nuts (ex. brazil, almond, walnut)

    • egg yolk

    • seeds

    • natural nut butters

    • algae (ex. seaweed)

    • coconut oil / extra virgin olive oil

  • ‘BAD’ Trans fats that are found in:

    • margarine & vegetable shortening (anything that says “partially hydrogenated” oil in the ingredients)

    • fried foods (ex. french fries, doughnuts, deep fried fast foods)

    • baked goods (ex. cookies, cakes, pastries)

    • processed foods (ex. crackers, microwave popcorn, bagels)

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