Building Programs – Glutes


60 Second Rest Between Sets


-Glutes require a strong mind-muscle connection *CONCENTRATE*

-Push through your heels at all times to further activate your gluten

Pre Exhaust/Activate your glutes with Cable Kickbacks 1X20 each side


Curtsy Leg Press 4X10 each leg
Single Leg Bench Cross Overs 4X20 each leg


Kettle Bell Elevated Sumo Squat 4X10

*Keep glutes engaged by going slow. Go DEEP- Glutes go behind the knees*

Stationary, Deep, Sumo Jump Squats 4X15

*Explosive jumps (straighten legs at the top). Land, then go slow into the squat


TRX Pistol Squats 4X12

*Deep & low – like all glute exercises, push through the heel*

Lunge + Kickback 4X20


Resistance Band Clam Shells 4X12

-Laying on the floor with your spine in neutral alignment (not cocked up on to your elbow/ hand), bring the knees into the chest & still keeping your feet touching, slowing open your knees up like a clam shell. Slowly bring it back to start. Keep feet together and really push to open the band – if you can do more than 12, change resistance band to a stronger, tighter one*

Leg Extension Machine Glute Bridge 4X10

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